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Our Programs

College Bound is comprised of four components that all work synergistically to help Grassroots student-athletes achieve success on and off the basketball court:

Basketball and Leadership Development: Grassroots fields 12 basketball teams that compete in tournaments throughout North America.  The basketball program serves several purposes. First, it is a hook that keeps participants engaged in our academic programming.  Second, the basketball court is a classroom where leadership and life skills are developed. Third, because our teams travel to tournaments in cities throughout the North America, the basketball program exposes participants to educational opportunities and new people, places and experiences.

Academic Support: All College Bound students benefit from a variety of regular academic enrichment programs, including general/subject specific academic instruction and tutoring and life skills development.

High School Assist: which helps sixth through eighth grade student-athletes succeed in middle school and leverage that success to gain admission to an excellent college preparatory high school.HS Assist offers academic instruction/tutoring, homework help, life skills development and test preparation for sixth through eighth graders.

College Assist: Provides our high school student-athletes with the individual support necessary to be successful in high school and to prepare for college. College Assist support includes SAT and other test preparation, high school counseling, application/financial aid workshops, college visits and NCAA eligibility and recruiting guidance (if applicable).

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